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Note according to energy certificate draft law: An energy performance certificate has not yet been submitted by the seller or owner, after being informed of the obligation to provide one. Therefore, the energy performance of a building of similar construction type and age is considered. We assume no responsibility or liability for the actual energy efficiency of the property offered.

Property nr.:25947
Property type:Apartment
ZIP/City:1230 Wien
Located near:Erlaaer Straße (U6), Perfektastraße (U6)
For occupation:ab sofort
Construction year:2019
Living space:64.43 m2
Total rent:EUR 676,50
Heating requirements:B - 37.23 kWh / m² * a
Commission:€1,668.00 incl. 20% VAT

Anna Kurtaran
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Fax: +43 1 328 8818-60